Allianz Tower


Allianz Tower is a development by Media Land, the property arm of Kompas-Gramedia Group, one of the media giants in the country. In alignment with Allianz’s global initiatives to conserve the environment, this prime office building was planned and built in accordance with the fundamentals of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD). The building concept stands for the principal of openness, transparency, flow of information and harmonious integration of a modern business infrastructure in an environmentally friendly manner.

From its orientation and advanced glazing technology that improve the efficiency of power consumption, to the rain water harvesting feature that the property has dedicated 70% of its land to, Allianz Tower lives up to its environmental intiatives with its highly- standardized eco-credentials.

Taking inspiration from the historical root of Kompas-Gramedia that was strongly established as a printed publication company, our environmental design incorporates paper-like forms, arranged to artistically resemble origami. As every sign was detailed to effectively serve its purpose in place making, this philosophical approach aims to enhance the place brand and its overall spatial experience. Translated into high quality materials, every sign was meticulously crafted into perfection.

2010 – 2011
PT Medialand International
Denton Corker Marshall