APL Tower


As a focal part of Podomoro City Superblock, APL Tower is the first strata title office in West Jakarta that established the superblock position as the city’s main commercial district. This prime office tower integrates 70,000 sqm of business space into Central Park mixed-use complex and ascended to be one of the most preferred business addresses in the area. Proudly serving as the corporate headquarter of Agung Podomoro Land and home to other large enterprises of its calibre, this remarkable building has nurtured the economic growth in the area.

Our brief was to develop an environmental design concept that could enhance the sense of place while providing essential functions and information within the premise. Taking inspiration from its architecture that features an octagonal floor plate, the edges are carved from a rectangle to render a similar impression into its signage and wayfinding scheme. Complimented with modern typography and pictograms, we have introduced a contemporary visual identity that blends perfectly into the place spatial philosophy.

2009 – 2010
PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk
DP Architects & ARKdesign