Asia World


Myanmar-based Asia World Company is the largest and most diversified groups in the country, with business interest sprawling from infrastructure, property, agriculture, manufacturing, finance and telecommunication. Two decades after its inception, the Group has built up an excellent track record in undertaking and completing numerous iconic and critical infrastructure development projects throughout the country that includes roads and highways, airports, seaports, power plants and telecommunication towers.

After the country’s first successful democratic election that marked the end of the military authority and long-term economical sanction, Myanmar is finally opening up to the world. As the company embraces this economic boom, our innovative approach in developing various corporate collaterals, from printed company profile to interactive presentation, have prepared it to capture global opportunities. Our expertise in design has successfully supported its business development activities with a prominent outlook and enhanced digital presence in prints, website and iPad application that presents their remarkable achievements to the eyes of the world.

Asia World Company Limited