Casa Domaine

Naming, Branding, Digital, Placemaking

Casa Domaine is an upscale residential development designed by SCDA which harmonizes luxury, design and comfort. Its generously-sized residences, uncompromising furnishings and quality materials ensure an unprecedented living space to call home unlike any other residence. Rising to a height of nearly 250 meters, the streamlined towers are a head-turning addition to the capital’s skyline. Strategically located at the heart of Jakarta’s CBD within Kota BNI superblock, the seamlessly integrated 1.2 hectares complex is the ultimate address of residence in the city.

The name “Casa Domaine” conveys an air of understated opulence. The territorial definition of the word “Domaine” draws parallels with the refined experience that the property offers to its residents in the midst of the bustling CBD. The clean identity is an accurate representation of the architect’s signature understated luxury design, a fresh and distinct approach in comparison to the use of heavy imagery compared to other developments.

2013 – 2017
PT Griyaceria Nusamekar SCDA & Anggara Architeam