Central Park


Central Park is a 3.5-hectare mixed-use project by Agung Podomoro Land located within Podomoro City, the largest superblock in West Jakarta. It comprises a shopping mall, an office building, residential towers, Pullman Hotel, and despite land price being at a premium, over 1 hectare of open, public park—a focal point of the property which makes it one of the most popular lifestyle destinations. With its revolutionary retail experience and award-winning design, Central Park has transformed the interaction between people and places. More than just a retail paradise, Central Park is the city’s modern-day centre of communical activities.

The project marked the beginning of our relationship with Agung Podomoro Land, one of the leading property developers in the country that has since then continued to be one of our returning clients until today. As an established branding and design practice with an extensive portfolio in the property sector, our unrivaled capability drawn from experience had placed us at an advantage to tackle a project of this scale. Our environmental design took the complex’s ‘urban park’ concept and translated it into green-coloured and floral themed icons, arrows, and graphics. This fresh approach enriches the place by delivering the brand experience into its spaces while ensuring safety and functionality through overseeing public interactions.

2008 – 2009
PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk
DP Architects & ARKdesign