Cibis Nine

Naming, Branding, Digital

As a pioneer in sustainability-driven office development, Cibis Nine emerges as an evolutionary property that establishes a balance between people, nature and the public spaces that it is centered around. The LEED Platinum pre-certified office building was created upon the understanding that inspiring surroundings have the ability to foster significant influence in the workplace. An unmatched working experience sustained by excellent facilities, an extra large floor plate, integrated green spaces and tremendous investment in energy-saving features lays the groundwork for businesses to flourish and makes the office building the first of its kind in the vicinity.

Our visual scheme establishes an avant-garde brand concept that echoes Cibis Nine’s position as the first project to break ground and reach through completion in its area. The building’s unique architecture, featuring amongst many other distinctive elements elevations on the ground level punctuated by midlevel two-storey sky gardens and vertical shading in its facade brings the development into the spotlight. This is animated through the bold logotype composed of 9 lines.

PT Bhumyamca Sekawan
Broadway Malyan & Arkonin