Naming, Branding

Enersia distinguishes itself from other companies in the energy sector by leading the way to a more sustainable and environment- friendly future. The company stands out for its commitment to generate energy from non-fossil fuel such as hydro, solar and wind.

Our brief was to advise on naming and identity design which reflects the company’s strategic vision as a respected parent company with energy as its cornerstone. The name Enersia is derived the word “Energy” and “Indonesia”, where the company is based.

Composed of circular shape, the brand identity represented perfection and infinity, which were in line with the spirit of Enersia – to produce energy from renewable sources. The circles within the identity suggested the movement of atoms and could also be interpreted as a spinning turbine which was the core of every power plant. The vibrant green gradient was used to convey the message of dynamics and eco-friendly credentials of Enersia.

PT Puri Energi Kencana