Naming, Branding

Cikarang’s industrial district, the largest in Indonesia, has seen a rapid growth over the past few years. Its thriving activities have brought in a new flock of expatriates, raising a business opportunity for our client to break into the hospitality sector. The company aims to leverage its expertise by opening a new luxury hotel that particularly caters to the Japanese clientele in the region.

Our expertise advised on its naming, brand identity and environmental design, contributing to the creation of a solid brand value and reputation. The name Enso is derived from the Japanese Zen art, a minimalist brush-stroke circle that symbolises perfection. The identity itself is a circular shape which takes after Enso. Inside the circle, two vivid arches that resemble a leaf of the ginkgo, the official designated tree of Tokyo, complete the identity. Gingko relates to love and is akin to the meaning of pure heart and kindness.

The signage and wayfinding for the hotel were designed to be elegant yet functional. It was achieved by combining unique arrow sign, typography and iconography that adopt the iconic arch shape from the identity. Finished in golden bronze, it flaunts a level of luxury that withstands the test of time.

PT Bekasi Fajar Indutrial Estate Tbk Tetra