Episode Gading Serpong

Naming, Branding Placemaking

“Episode” carries the meaning of a part of a serialized story, and that is the essence of the brand itself: to present various stories, cultural journeys, and deep-rooted histories from the land where each Episode is located.

The first installment of Episode, located within the Banten region, becomes a place where the magnificence of Baduy and Peranakan cultural richness is being explored and made to exist in visual and spatial manifestation. We transformed the distinct, sharp, and unique patterns originating from the two different cultures to be the core narrative of Episode’s environmental graphic design.

The wayfinding system used across the area was designed to direct people to their intended location while simultaneously highlighting the combined shapes and patterns of Baduy and Peranakan culture. To showcase these two ideas, some signage is designed with sharp edges to symbolize Baduy culture, and other signage is designed with rounded edges to reflect Peranakan culture.

2020 – 2022
PT Kontek Aja