Hotel Indigo Bintan


Hotel Indigo is a new enchanting place to stay nestled within the heavenly part of Riau Archipelago, Bintan. In keeping with the brand’s tradition, Hotel Indigo Bintan continues the celebration of its neighborhood, retelling tales of local stories and traditions. Bentuk was entrusted with the task of designing a wayfinding system that not only captures the essence of Bintan but also aligns seamlessly with Hotel Indigo’s mission to showcase the island’s distinctive identity.

Our approach to the schematic signage designs drew inspiration from the magnificent mangrove tree roots that serve as natural barriers along the island’s coastline. The unique features of these roots prompted us to integrate a graphic pattern based on them throughout the sign systems. Additionally, we utilized a fusion of natural and modern materials, wrapped in organic curved shapes that are warm and inviting, creating a seamless connection between Hotel Indigo and its picturesque surroundings.

2022 – ongoing
PT Graha Agung Indahsentosa