Naming, Branding, Placemaking

Amidst Seminyak’s burgeoning hospitality scene, Ize proficiently rises to the challenge of separating itself from the rest by deviating from the tried-and- tested approach ubiquitous in already existing accommodation properties. Its stylish, cutting-edge architecture combined with Balinese bonhomie is a head-turner for the young, sophisticated crowd that the area captivates.

Coming up with a catchy name played a key role in positioning the brand under the spotlight. Straying from the more common and traditional approach, the name Ize speaks modernity and eclecticism. Standing alone as a suffix that means to make or become, the name was used in the brand application from collaterals to amenities. This resulted in a strong brand experience that can be felt throughout the hotel.

PT Bali Prima Lestari
Studio TonTon