Naming, Branding, Placemaking

Tucked away on the lush, pristine hillside of Ubud, Mandapa is the first Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Indonesia. As a luxury resort, Mandapa was created with those who appreciate personalized, meaningful experiences and enriching journeys into Bali’s cultural heritage in mind. The exquisite getaway offers the exceptional luxury of authentic experience in the Island of Gods, from immersions in Ubud’s charming local tradition to discovering hidden temples and walks along the verdant rice paddies that surround the complex.

Naming is the initial step of manifestation. To find the perfect title and brand positioning for this stunning project, we explored deep into the Balinese history, tradition and local wisdom. The name “Mandapa” was taken
from a Sanskrit word that means “Pendopo”, or a pillared outdoor pavilion for gatherings and celebrations. It correlates suitably with the columns that became the main architectural feature and introduced it as a sacred escape only a few are privileged to.

2012 – 2014
PT Sukses Primatama Bersama Bali Anugrah Dewata