Menara Sentraya

Naming, Branding, Placemaking

Backed by a group of expertise with over 30 years of experience in property development, Menara Sentraya occupies a special position in the architectural landscape of Jakarta. The office tower is committed to establish and maintain excellent standards of environmental management to provide long-term sustainability and minimal environmental impact. The development is a model of equilibrium that caters to the needs of today’s professionals.

Our naming approach, Menara Sentraya, offers a simple and enduring feel to the development as a corporate building. The word “Sentra” and “Raya” which respectively mean, “center” and “great” are combined in reference to the property’s location in the city’s commercial area of South Jakarta. The environmental design we created includes striking vertical blades as elevator zoning indicator in the entrance in which brass is used to further enhance the place’s sense of warmth and exquisiteness.

2012 – 2016
PT Pasaraya International