Open Kitchen

Naming, Branding, Placemaking

Located in Neo Soho, Open:Kitchen is a contemporary reimagining of the all-day dining concept. Enhancing the experience, everything from the ambience, amenity to the signage and circulation was thoughtfully crafted to create a unique destination that draws more people into the retail centre.

The name Open:Kitchen defines the brand experience in which visitors can enjoy a wide range of freshly-prepared gourmet cuisines is captured in the name Open:Kitchen. The word “Open” points to the borderless interaction between its chefs and visitors. The name forms into a quirky acronym of O:K as an expression of satisfaction with the colon giving a touch of modernity to the brand image.

The identity is a jazzy typography with vibrant colours. A geometric pattern was applied to the signage, delivering edginess to the overall look and feel.

2016 – 2017
PT Tiara Metropolitan Indah