Naming, Branding, Placemaking

Spanning over an area of 17.5 hectares in BSD City, QBig is a work of innovation in its own right. The retail complex was established by Sinarmas Land, the largest and most trusted property developers in Indonesia. Its presence brought to its surrounding residents just what they needed—a center that offers an alternative concept for retailers and consumers as well as a shopping experience that meet their daily needs. Its theme, “modern, green and simple” can be experienced all throughout the property, where prominent tenants, convenience provided and generous green facilities exquisitely communicate the message.

The naming identity takes its cues from the word “cubic”—a shape associated with the project as the first big box retailer in the country. Created to capture the essence of the property as a shopping & lifestyle destination, we constructed a visual brand identity that presents a dynamic, attractive and welcoming impression to its audience. Boxes can be seen as an ornamental element in the whole scenery, complimenting the interior scheme and existing environmental design concept. Relating to this principal, we picked the visual of a similar cubic shape.

PT Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk
Broadway Malyan