Serenia Hills

Naming, Branding, Digital, Placemaking

Nestled in the secluded area of South Jakarta, Serenia Hills’ quiet surrounding offers a peaceful home to every one of its residents. The property stretches over 24 hectares of land and was developed with a “gated community” concept which accentuates the value of privacy.

The name Serenia Hills took its influence from the residential ambience and vicinity. “Serenia” is a play on the word “Serene”, conveying peace and calmness. “Hills” refers to the development that retains the original contours of the site, creating a feel of a natural resort.

The identity is a harmonious arrangement of two interlocking leaves forming into an “S” monogram. Symbolizing the uplifting nature that surrounds the complex, the leaf was also incorporated into the logotype to create a unified brand experience.

2011 – 2018
PT Inti Gria Perdana
PTI Architects