Soho Capital

Branding, Placemaking

This prime business center is a part of Podomoro City’s Neo Soho mixed-use development, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the vicinity that offers an exclusive corporate address in West Jakarta. Soho Capital is a state-of-the-art building with leading edge technology and service. It is a property that was made to be occupied by banks, elite law firms, investment banking companies, and other high-profile businesses that need to display a superior corporate image in achieving financial success.

Inspired by the word “Capital” that refers to money, assets, and wealth, the brand name ‘Soho Capital’ stands for its significance as the first strata tittle office in the area that offers increasing value, benefits, and prospects. We introduced this property as an essential part of Soho complex, integrating it in Soho Complex’s brand architecture and created an inline application and marketing collateral design. Taking black and silver as the primary brand color, the whole look and feel was compiled to reflect professional corporate image.

PT. Tiara Metropolitan Indah
DP Architect