Soho Pancoran


Another iconic project from Agung Podomoro Land, SOHO Pancoran is a mixed-use project in South Jakarta designed to offer modern amenities, unparalleled lifestyle and the vibrancy of upscale city living at the city’s most prominent address at Pancoran, South Jakarta. The integrated mixed-use development delivers a seamless Work, Live and Play lifestyle increasingly demanded by the city’s dynamism. It is comprised of a loft and a four-storey lifestyle and F&B centre all equipped with premium facilities and sophisticated security system.

Reflecting the project’s stature as a leading mixed-use development in the area, the environmental design concept was meticulously developed with high quality materials to ensure superior experience. The signage and wayfinding schemes are adorned with orange-colored designs that compliment the place as the latest present-day development and is an association with vibrancy, retail and activity.

2014 – 2017
PT Cipta Pesona Karya DP Architects