South Gate

Naming, Branding, Digital

Southgate is a 5.4-hectares mixed use development that comprises residential towers, AEON Mall, Grade A office tower and other exciting future developments. Set within the vibrant living pocket of Tanjung Barat just across the commuter rail line, the large-scale project transforms the profile of the area and its surroundings into a smart district that merges quality properties with natural landscape.

The challenge was creating a brand strategy that would allow the project’s value to resonate amongst the target audiences. Our practice was involved in the name development, identity design and marketing collaterals. Southgate was named after the project’s vision to exist as a notable landmark in the symbolic gateway to Jakarta, visible from most vantage points in the south. Conveying the notion of integrated lifestyle, the identity is a monogram of its initial with a centrepiece formed by interlocking squares. As in its further application, dark green is consistently used to symbolise nature, growth and harmony.

2015 – 2019
PT Duta Semestamas Airmas Asri