South Hills

Naming, Branding, Digital, Placemaking

Built with the nest living experience in mind, South Hills is a rare invitation to escape the hustle and bustle of the city into a meticulously planned sanctuary right at the heart of the capital’s most active and lively area. The residential property is located at the prestigious Kuningan neighbourhood where it combines luxury and utility to give its residents unrivaled comfort.

The project’s value as one of the most upscale and sought-after residential properties in South Jakarta is captured in our naming approach, “South Hills”. Conveying the sense of ease and relaxation which remains as the hallmark of the property, the word “Hills” is not only a representation of the development’s tall contours but also a linguistic illustration of the generous green and natural spaces it offers to its metropolitan residents.

The visual identity was developed from the typography which contains only one instead of two “H” letter, modified to resemble the ascending crown of the tower. This was adapted into the environmental design, which when seen from above takes on a similar shape of the letter.

2015 – 2019
KSO Duta Regency Karunia Smallwood Reynolds Stewart Stewart (SRSSA)