South Quarter

Naming, Branding

More than just a workplace, South Quarter offers an environment that inspires you towards a greater level of performance. Inspired by Indonesian rattan basket, its intriguing architecture responds to the climate and provides efficiency in energy consumption, as well as pleasing the eyes. Nestled in a lush, 7.2 hectares area in the mainstrip of TB Simatupang, this prime mixed-use complex was created to uphold sustainability by reserving 80% of open space and complimenting sustainability features that benefit the people and its surrounding.

This award-winning property requires a strong and impressive brand name to go with its ingenious concept. Our naming approach corresponds to its positioning as a world-class property with a significant presence in South Jakarta area, resulting in a confident brand name. The same approach was taken for the marketing collaterals and outdoor advertising, creating a consistency in its brand positioning and application.

2011 – 2015
PT Putra Sinar Permaja Atkins