Taman Safari


In the recognition of 30 years of their remarkable commitment and dedication to wildlife conservation, Taman Safari Indonesia, a foremost name of Indonesia’s first private zoo that has served the nation with amusing wildlife experience and leisure activities. After three decades, they aim to keep the legacy alive and represent their prominent institution as a mature brand with a proven commitment and spirit for conservation, which needed to be enriched with a modern touch to keep it relevant for today’s families and children.

Our solution combined three graphic elements to create a distinct brand identity for Taman Safari; two tusks, local pattern, and indigenous animal. The two tusks represent Taman Safari’s hallmark entrance that symbolizes welcoming gesture, protection and conservation, which is combined with traditional local pattern and indigenous animal unique to the region as a visual description of each park’s location. This approach organically constructs Taman Safari’s brand architecture and creates a clear definition between their extensive amusement park brands that are spread out across Java and Bali.

PT Taman Safari Indonesia