Telkom Landmark Tower


The new corporate headquarter for Indonesia’s giant telecommunications provider, which in 2013 made the Forbes Global 2000. It symbolises the company’s continued prominence within Jakarta powerhouses and business districts. Anchored by Telkom Group subsidiaries, the 11.5 hectares complex comprises a protected existing building that will be integrated with two new towers. Remarkably designed as an advanced workspace and equipped with innovative ICT (Information-Communication-Technology) facilities. Nestled in the strategic address of Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto, it exudes a solid statement for the forward-looking industry leaders.

Our practice creates a cohesive environmental design that unifies both the overall aesthetics and viability. A set of typography and iconography were personalised in a way that showcased a consolidated configuration – capturing the brand essence of integration and interconnectivity. Taking cue on the building’s performative facade, laser cut pattern was applied throughout the placemaking to develop and maintain a recognisable visual language.

PT Telkom Landmark Tower
Woods Bagot & PDW Architects