The Hermitage

Naming, Branding, Placemaking

As the first addition to the Tribute Portfolio of Starwood Hotels and Resorts in Southeast Asia, The Hermitage is a rare restoration of a listed building and a true sanctum on its own. Its preserved facade offers a unique contrast between modernity and a bygone era in the low-rise leafy enclave of Jakarta’s most prestigious district, Menteng. The formerly independent hotel occupies a quaint renovated 1923 Art Deco structure—once a pre-independence telecommunication office, otherwise known as “Telefoongebow”. Amongst a host of its other allures, its signature Indonesian hospitality is one which further highlights its independent vision.

The name is chosen for its association to seclusion, reflecting the property’s location in Menteng’s quiet corner and as a historical district with an old-world charm tucked away from the bustling city. The logomark, an H monogram comprises of two corinthians linked together by a distinctive Art Deco pattern which can be found across the premise. One of the most notable examples is the handrail of the grand central staircase which remains to be the hotel’s focal point until today.

2011 – 2014
PT Wijaya Wisesa Realty
Kiat Architects