Naming, Branding

Situated along the equator, Indonesia is blessed with tropical climate which comes with high intensity of rain during the monsoon season. This ensures endless flow of water throughout many river streams in the archipelago. Aimed to optimise the country’s natural potential for the benefit of the people at large, Tirtagen engages in the development of hydro power where water as renewable source is used to generate electricity.

As a newly established company, our task was to create a strategic brand identity that speaks volume about the company’s position and value. The name Tirtagen paired the Sanskrit word “Tirta” (meaning water) and “Gen” (short for generate). The name conveyed the company’s core business of hydro power technology.

For the identity design, our practice created a visual representation of earth as ‘blue planet’, in which 70% of their surface is covered with water. Adding multiple layers of ripples, it created sense of perpetual flow of water, which was the primary source of energy for Tirtagen.

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