Tribeca Park

Naming, Branding, Placemaking

Tribeca Park’s revolutionary concept renders the project as an important thread to the fabric of Jakarta’s community. Integrating the first public park by a private developer in a modern shopping centre, the 1.5 hectare lush, open garden offers lively spaces with an aquatic ecosystem, water features, jogging track, sitting podiums and retail pavilions filled with exciting array of restaurants and cafes. Bringing people together, Tribeca Park has elevated the way people connect with their environment by nurturing social interactions, interests and communities.

The name “Tribeca Park” was adopted from one of New York’s most popular parks, embracing the same philosophy to provide nature and public activities in the city. The identity combines red and green leaf-shaped icons within its logotype, resulting in an identity mark that reflects the modern concept of the park. Our signage and wayfinding designs took a contemporary approach with sleek, definitive rectangle shapes that combine gray and green colours in three-dimensional visuals that offer depth. This intricate application shapes the place identity and brings its unique concept into the spaces.

2008 – 2009
PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk
DP Architects & ARKdesign