Naming, Branding

Vayugen is a unit of Enersia that offers a compelling alternative of generating power by using turbines to convert wind into energy. As a newly established company, our task was to develop a brand identity that created a stance with clear purpose and substance. Vayugen was straightforward, generating and renewable.

The name Vayugen paired the Sanskrit word “Vayu” (meaning wind) and “Gen” (short for generate). The name resonated with the target audiences in a way that it effortlessly communicated the company’s core business.

Capturing the brand essence of using renewable energy, the identity draws inspiration from nature. Taking its cues from Trillium, a three-petaled flower, the identity is a visual depiction of the wind turbine’s blade. Vayugen harvests its energy from wind farms in the coastal or mountainous region that has constant blow of wind.

PT Puri Energi Kencana